About Aussie Products is a website designed to give you a choice when you look to purchase Australian products.

How many times have you spent hours searching the internet and not found what you wanted?  This website is designed to cut down on time spent sitting and searching.  You can search my site and order from some manufacturers.

There is already a wide choice of products on the site but as it is a work in progress we will be adding more and more in the future.  As quality is of the utmost importance products will only be added if they meet this criterion

The Australian Merino Wool Jackets and Vests range, they are not only practical, but they are high fashion garments, and we also have wool lined boots and slippers.

Why not curl up in a jacket with an organic tea or coffee.  Our floor rugs and Hi-Temp wool medical products will suit a broad range of customers as quality is the key to this product.

Australian mines 95% of the Opals sold around the world and Aussie-products have them here on the site.  The range of Aussie Hats – yes, the Man from Snowy River would agree they are the best.  Especially the squashable range which will suit the traveler – put it in your pocket or suitcase.

The range of Aboriginal art will suit anyone’s pocket since the price range is extensive.  Boomerangs, pottery, Didgeridoos, Music Sticks and Emu Callers see them here ….  are all hands painted by Aboriginal artists and come with a certificate of authentication.  Because of the hand painting, no two pieces are the same.   There is something for the kids – DVD Nursery Rhymes featuring Australian Puppets and accents.

Neem has a range of both skincare range, pet care plus a garden spray – good for your skin, good for your pet and a garden spray that is not harmful.  You can even purchase your Christmas cake from the site.  It is dark and packed full of fruit and nuts.

If you like cooking, then make sure you search the recipes which are added from time to time.  You can copy these or we will email them to you each time we post a new one.  Just let us know your email address.

From time to time articles about Australia are added such as information such as the Orb river scheme, Maralinga, Pine Gap and much more.

The site is designed to be a “one-stop shop” for Australian Products.  In talking to people, they have said, “When I go home to see my family overseas I can’t find an Australian product to take with me.”

I know it is true because my research has taken hours.  I also researched what Australians’ had invented and was amazed.  “Everyone knows about the ‘black box flight recorder” so why not take a look at my post summarising the other inventions (link will be here later).

The products on the website are either are manufactured in Australia or made from Australian materials.

Let Aussie products bring Australia to you.