Champagne Breakfast

Eggs and egg rings (same number as eggs) – 2 eggs per person
Sour cream for each egg
Caviar for each egg
Bacon – as much as required
Tomato for grilling
Sourdough for toasting


Grease an oven tray.

Place egg rings on the tray Crack eggs into the rings and add sour cream  – lots.

Cook at low temperature 160°.

Keep checking to see if the eggs are cooked soft, medium or hard ‘as you like it’.


Cook bacon grill tomato and make toast – thick slices of Sour Dough

When eggs are cooked to your liking

Add caviar to the top of the eggs.  Place on a plate with crispy bacon, grilled tomato, and toasted sough dough.   Don’t forget the Champagne!!