Cinnamon Brandy Custard


6 egg yolks 300 ml cream
1/3-cup (75 g) caster sugar 10 cm cinnamon stick
1/3-cup custard powder 1½ tablespoons brandy
2 cups (500 ml) milk  


Beat egg yolks, custard powder, and sugar in a small bowl, with an electric mixer until thick and creamy.

Combine milk, cream and cinnamon stick in medium pan; bring to boil. Remove from heat; remove and reserve cinnamon stick.

Gradually whisk milk mixture into egg mixture.

Return mixture and cinnamon stick to the pan, stir over low heat, without boiling, until custard thickens and coats the back of a metal spoon.

Most of the time I sprinkle in some cinnamon powder instead of the cinnamon stick.  I don’t worry if there are some black flecks.  

Discard Cinnamon Stick; stir in brandy.  This is an excellent accompaniment for Christmas Pudding, Banana Custard or to accompany an Apple Pie etc.

Make the custard as specified but if you wish you can leave the brandy out.

The recipe can be made 2 days ahead.

The recipe can be reheated gently;

Do not allow mixture to boil