Sheepskin Boots and Slippers

How to measure the shoe size of your Kid’s Shoes

If you are unsure which size to choose, it is best to measure your bare foot.

Put your foot flat on a piece of paper; draw a cross at the tip of the longest toe and at the back of the heel. Measure the distance between the marks.

Then repeat on the other foot and take the larger of the two measurements.

Please be aware that your sheepskin boots are meant to be a snug fit when they are brand new. Sheepskin will stretch when worn.


UK/Aust./USA 5/6 7/8 9/10 11/12 13/1 2
European 22/23 24/25 27/28 29/30 31/32 34
Bare Foot (cm) 15.2 16.8 18.4 20.0 21.6 22.4


Infant Booties

Size Small Med Large XL 2XL
Age 0-6m 6-12m 12-18m 18-24m 2-3yr
Bare Foot (cm) 11.6 12.9 14.2 15.5 16.8