Lightweight Rainbow Boomerang

Lightweight Rainbow Boomerang


Lightweight Rainbow

Authentic hand painted Animal Brigalow Gallery Boomerangs. Each Jabiru Boomerang has been created with care, and we hope you’ll have a better understanding of Australia’s Indigenous people.


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Lightweight Rainbow Boomerang

Please note that every piece is hand painted, no two boomerangs are the same.
Every symbol has a meaning. The use of a fixed set of symbols would seem to make interpretation easy, but only those directly involved in creating a ground painting can give its meaning with absolute authority. Related mythological sites, on the traveling route of some Dreamtime creative animal, might well have very fine shades of variation. Again, bird tracks are very similar, as are several other animal tracks.
Further, some symbols have a multiplicity of meanings; a series of concentric circles can mean a campfire, home, cave, rock-hole, clay-pan, spring, tree or mountain – the list is not exhaustive; a sinuous line can mean a snake, running water, lightning, a hair-string girdle, native bee honey storage, or a bark rope.
Our Animal Brigalow Gallery boomerangs come with a guarantee of authenticity. You are assured that our boomerangs are individually hand painted by an aboriginal artist and will give you a better understanding of Australia’s indigenous people. A Dreamtime is a place beyond space in which the past, present, and future exist wholly as one. An Indigenous Australian might say that he or she has Kangaroo, Shark, Honey and Ant Dreaming. The Dreamtime laid down the patterns of life for Aboriginal People, and this is depicted in their art.
We also have a variety of other boomerangs like Boomerangs – Lacquer Finish, Boomerangs High Gloss Resin Finish, Black Tip Boomerangs to name a few. It is best that you surf through the various Boomerang product pages to acquaint yourself so as to make the right product choice.


55.5 cm (22”)
50.8 cm (20″)
45.7 m (18″)
40.6 m (16″)
35.5 cm (14″)
30.4 cm (12″)
25.4 cm (10″)
20.3 cm (8)
15.4 cm (6″)


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55.5 cm (22"), 50.8 cm (20"), 45.7 cm (18"), 40.6 cm (16"), 35.5 cm (14"), 30.4 cm (12"), 25.4 cm (10"), 20.3 cm (8"), 15.4 cm (6")

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