Tami Jan Cook Australian Macadamia Oil

//Tami Jan Cook Australian Macadamia Oil

Tami Jan Cook Australian Macadamia Oil


The flavour of this pure Australian Macadamia oil is enhanced with a touch of Lemon & Aniseed Myrtles.

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Tami Jan Cook Australian Macadamia Oil

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Macadamia nuts contain over 75% of their weight as oil; the remainder is 9.0% proteins, 9.3% carbohydrates, 1.5% moisture, 1.6% mineral matters and 2.0% fiber. The kernels of macadamia contain vitamin A1, B1, B2, niacin and essential elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. The oil is a triglyceride oil and contains primarily monounsaturated fats up to 80-84 %. Macadamia oil contains the highest percentage of monounsaturates when compared to both olive and canola oils (www.macnut.co.nz ).


Macadamia integrifolia is an Australian tree with holly-like leaves that grows well in a moist organic soil and will survive temperatures of 24 °F. Seedlings bear in 5–7 years. The fruit is borne in a case enclosing an extremely hard spherical nut. The kernel is whitish, sweet and eaten raw or roasted. The flowers are white to cream, and the leaves are in whorls of three. Propagation is by seed, grafting or air layering. It is grown commercially.[2]

Common names of the trees are Australian nut and Queensland nut. Species are “smooth-shelled macadamia” called Macadamia integrifolia and “rough-shelled macadamia” called Macadamia tetraphylla. Macadamia ternifolia is also the name used for M. integrin folia. Macadamia integrifolia is native to Australia where it grows in rain forests and close to streams. Macadamia tetraphylla is native to Southeastern Queensland and Northeastern New South Wales. The oil content ranges from 65% to 75%, and sugar content ranges from 6% to 8%. These factors result in variable colors and texture when the nuts are roasted under the same conditions (www.crfg.org).[2]

Macadamia oil is liquid at room temperature. The refined oil is clear, lightly amber-colored with a slightly nutty smell. It has a specific gravity of 900-920 and a flash point of over 300OC.[3]

Oil accumulation does not commence until the nuts are fully grown, and the shell hardens. It accumulates rapidly in the kernel during late summer when the reducing sugar content decreases. The composition of mature, roasted and salted macadamia nuts is shown. As with many oil seeds, the protein is low in methionine. Fresh kernels contain up to 4.6% sugar, mostly non-reducing sugar. The oil consists of mainly unsaturated fatty acids and is similar in both species, although the proportion of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids appears to be slightly higher in M. integrin folia (6.2:1 compared with 4.8:1). The fatty acid composition and the absence of cholesterol may lead to the promotion of macadamias as a high-energy health food. The major volatile components in roasted macadamia kernels are apparently similar to those found in other roasted nuts, although little-detailed information is available.[4]


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