Western Australia

The Diggers’ Spirit Lives on –  “Hay from WA”

From one side of the country in Esperance, Western Australia to the other side of the country in Bourke, New South Wales a road train is taking hay to starving animals.  The drought in parts of Australia has certainly brought out the comradeship that the diggers of the Eureka Stockade and the World War 1 showed each other. These Good Samaritans are carrying 1,000 bales of hay to their fellow farmers.  This is the biggest donation in history and the 16 road trains are on their final leg of the journey.  This was a Western Australian initiative “Hay from WA”.  The distance between the two places is 2, 899 kilometers or 1 801 miles. One of the drivers said it was a working holiday and a way to see the other side of Australia and help another Aussie.  The daughter of one of the drivers a 13-year-old girl Amelia Stone raised $5 000 and is taking show bags to the children of the drought-affected farmers.

Lake Disappointment may not be so disappointing.

One of the most important ingredients in fertilizer is Potash.With the world population needing more efficient methods of food production this resource is certainly on the list of mining companies.  Rum Jungle Resources has a mining exploration operation at Karinga Lakes, 300 km south of Alice Springs.   It is believed that Karinga Lakes has the potential to supply half of Australia’s needs. One place where it is believed that a potash development will go ahead is Lake Disappointment, in the remote Gibson Desert in Western Australia.  The traditional owners of the area the Martu people signed an indigenous land use agreement with a mining exploration company back in 2011.  The Martu people could see benefits of $60 million from this project over the next 15 to 20 years.



Gibson Desert